This Page Is Dedicated To Mothers Across The World.

my mother

This page is dedicated to all mothers!

They come in all shapes,sizes,religions and

To those who live in big houses...for those who don't.
For the family mother .. for the single mother.

For the mothers who run mother's club stalls
and hand make all their children's clothing....
and for the mothers who don't.

For the mother that can cope with a family
crisis like it was just a small hiccup
and for those who think a small hiccup is
a family crisis.

For mothers who work away from home to
those who make motherhood their career.
To those who can cook up a storm in the
kitchen, to those who give thanks to fast

This is also for the mothers of children
lost or stolen...
wars, crime, accident or just unknown.
They have suffered what every mother dreads..
However, the memories of the wonderful do shine through
that special feeling only mothers can feel and that cannot
be taken away.

The one thing all mothers share are the precious moments
of motherhood.

Those special moments in life.
the first step
the first tooth
sloppy kisses
reading stories at bedtime
the special drawings.
a bunch of weed flowers that accompanies a "mummy these are for you cos I love you."
your child telling you that you are beautiful when you haven't even had a chance to brush your hair.

Then there are the feelings of motherhood -
the feeling of pride at your child's achievements-no matter how small.
those warm fuzzy feelings that a only a child with unconditional love can give you
the feeling of helplessness at a crying baby in the middle of the night
the feeling of emptiness when your child starts school or leaves home.
the strong feeling to protect your child from all life's harm and evil.


flower line
This page is dedicated to my own mother,who worked hard to bring up her family.
The photo at the top of the page
was of her and my sister on the ship that brought them from
England to unknown country and an unknown future.

mother and I

Jean Lingard 1928-1981

"I love you  mum"

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