Where do I start?

I live in Melbourne Australia with my family. I have many interests and my passion lies in photography. All my life I wanted to be able to paint and draw but though I had an eye for what I wanted and creativity, I just didn't have the ability! To me photography, has enabled me to be creative... the camera is my artist's tool and the finished photo is my completed canvas. It's a real passion which fills any spare time I have. It has enrichened my life as I can see potential in any scene and always scouting for a "good shot".

I like to take a wide range of photos from landscapes, nature, street photography, brightly coloured work to dramatic monochrome Infrared. I think you can find beauty and a potential shot in nearly anything.

My other interests include animals,(in particular Australian wildlife) books, movies, nature, travelling , web design, computers, the internet, good music and cooking (mmmm food) and of course my family.

UPDATED July 2016.

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