Koala tubes

koala painting

These Paint Shop Pro tubes are available for free use on personal
home pages only. Please do not claim them as your own
and please do not add them to any collections or
commercial sites without my prior permission.
Click on the graphic to download that particular tube
in zipped format.

goose  Christmas candles
wreath1 wreath2 wreath3

The wreaths were inspired by a tutorial from Hoods


This is one file with all the hearts in one tub file.
Click anywhere on the hearts to download.


Australian Tube BlueAustalia Tube burgundyAustralia tube green

Three tubes of Australia:-added 9th March 2001.
Click on the graphic to download the zip file of
all three tubes.


How To Install The Tubes

1.) Unzip the files to a temporary directory.
2.) Open up the file.tub with PSP.
3.) Go to FILE / EXPORT / and Export it to a Tube.
4) When you have more than one picture
in a tube, designate the number of cells down
and across or your pictures will not come out right

5.) Name the tub.file and then click OK

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