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Winners of Koala's Awards

These pages contains all the recipients of my awards in 2004 & 2005 & 2006.
Please visit these sites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Please note that if any award winning sites return a dead link over
a period of two weeks, these sites will be taken off the award winners list
and will not be restored unless their owners inform me that their site
is again operational.


  • Copacabana Public School (School Award)

  • Mrs. Packer's Kindergarten Classroom (School Award)


  • Parent Super Site

  • Ballymena Primary School, Ireland (School Award)

  • Mrs. Buller's Site (School Award)

  • The Starfish Class' Website (School Award)

  • American Indian Health Central

  • MNM Digital Art Expression

  • Koala Jo Art and Gifts

  • The Christmas Tree Farm (Christmas site Award)

  • BMTS/BMI Santa Site (Christmas site Award)

  • The Clutter Patrol

  • Shaun Micallef's Online World Around Him

  • Sally McLean Dot Com

  • Rhianna's Rampage

  • Carefree Gardens

  • Elegantchild of Beverly Hills

  • A.NOBLE PEST CONTROL (Australia)

  • Snow Girl Designs

  • Kimmy's Atheist Site

  • Bonne Ecole Elementary (School Award)

  • Mrs. Kerr's Classroom (School Award)

  • Mrs. Miranda's 4th Grade (School Award)

  • The Best Second Grade (School Award)

  • * Koala Award Winners in 2004.

    * Koala Award Winners in 2003.

    * Koala Award Winners in 2002.

    * Koala Award Winners in 2001.

    * Koala Award Winners in 2000.


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