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  • Please do not apply if your site contains any of the following:-

    nudity, profanity, racism, abuse, warez, illegal
    activities or direct links to any of these.

  • Sites should be family safe.

  • All internal links and graphics must be working. External links are not always reliable but it must not be apparent any external links are broken because the pages aren't updated. Navigation should be user friendly.

  • The web site MUST be cross browser compatible. In other words they must be able to be viewed in both Internet Explorer and Netscape. It is fine that they may be enhanced for one particular browser providing the site can still be viewed reasonably in the other.

  • If the site has music, it must be able to be turned off by the visitor if they do not wish to hear it.

  • Use of original graphics will always rate well with me. If you use non original graphics, then credit shown & terms and conditions of original designer must be adhered to.

  • If a site has any blatant breach of copyright then it will NOT be considered for an award.

  • Please no under construction signs. A good web site owner realises their site is "never finished". It should be apparent that the site is well maintained.

  • Sites must be in English or have a link for translation into English. I have received so many lovely entries in foreign languages and as I only speak English, I cannot verify the content for approval. Sorry.

  • Please do not submit multi business or spam web sites. I was going to exclude business sites after a spate of these spam site applications but felt it was unfair for the genuine businesses wishing to apply for an award. Please note, I will be very strict on giving businesses my award as they should always be of top quality.

    What I am looking for:-


  • Attractive & solid design and generally pleasing to the eye.
  • Original graphics (optimised) are preferred and must be relevant to your content.
  • If original graphics aren't used then credit must be given.
  • Content should be interesting, factual and well presented.

  • For cute sites that give a nice feeling,a special message or make people feel good.It doesn't have to be a HTML or graphic masterpiece, just have a nice subject and feel to the page.


  • For great children's sites. All other award criteria apply.
  • I do not accept award applications from children under 14 as I honour Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, COPPA


  • For sites with a Christmas Theme. All other award criteria apply especially those with music. Music MUST be able to be turned off by the visitor to the site.


  • For school submissions. All other criteria apply with special consideration that children do contribute to the building of these web sites.

If your site meets these requirements and you wish
to submit it for an award, please continue to the next page.
Thank you.

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