Koala's Tiled Backgrounds

Feel free to download these for personal web page use.
Please do not add them to any collections or offer them
as your own. A link isn't necessary but an email or signing
my guest book is always appreciated. Thank you.

These tiled backgrounds can be downloaded by simply rightclicking
with your mouse on the graphic and saving to your hard drive.
Please do NOT LINK directly to these graphics on this server.

background 1purple flowers
background- 3purple flower
background 5blue grape
background 9-party time 2
background 7mesh
background 15
Background 30
Background 30
background 20
background 16
background 10
background `3
background 12 -creamy
background 14creamy 2
background 11-blue
background 17
background 18
purple texture
marble 1
marble 2
marble 4
 marble 3
background 21blue marble
blue linen
background 22-water feel
blue grain
Background 32
Background 33
Background 34
Background 35

  Plaid backgrounds

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