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Plaid backgrounds are best suited on pages with a table for the content
so it does not detract from the text and graphics. A good example is this page.
I think it makes a very attractive background idea. Here are a number of different
variations to suit all styles of pages.

These backgrounds are available for free download with no link back necessary.
To save these backgrounds to your computer, right click and save.Please do NOT
link to the actual graphic.

Koala's purple plaid koplaid2a
Koala's lilac plaid Koala's Christmas plaid
Koala's Green plaid Koala's red/black plaid
Koala's pink/blue plaid koplaid8.jpg - 15800 Bytes
koplaid11.jpg - 16307 Bytes koplaid10.jpg - 16132 Bytes
koplaid12.jpg - 13721 Bytes koplaid13.jpg - 14543 Bytes
koplaid14.jpg - 15839 Bytes koplaid9.jpg - 16112 Bytes
koplaid16.jpg - 15578 Bytes koplaid18.jpg - 15792 Bytes


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