Save The Koala Day

The aim of Save the Koala Day is to raise awareness of the plight of the koala and to educate people.
The Australian Koala Foundation raises money with sales of stickers, special Koala Day
gifts,items and donations.

The money contributes to the long term survival of Australia's wild koalas and
their habitat. Koalas in the wild face problems as their habitat is cleared.

With housing getting closer, there is also the risk of dog attacks and road
accidents.80% of koala habitat is on private land and the public needs to be
educated on how to help to keep the koala habitat alive and safe.Simple
measures like planting new and maintaining existing trees that koalas like
to feed on and keeping dogs secure at night go a long way to help.

Despite there being large populations of koalas in some areas, other areas are
very fragile due to the degradation of the habitat. Public education is
necessary and the Australian Koala Foundation has done a lot to enable this
including implementing the Save the Koala Day.

*Further information on Save the Koala Day can be obtained from the Australian
Koala Foundation

* General Information on Koalas can be found on my website here

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